Faster websites and apps

Serving optimized and correctly sized images is the fastest way to a quicker, more profitable site or app. 60% of website bytes are from images[1].

Imageflow edits and optimizes images so quickly you can do it on-demand. No need to manually generate every size/format combination of every image.

If you’re using ImageMagick, switch to imageflow_tool and get higher-quality images with smaller file sizes — up to 17x faster.

Most people prefer on-demand image processing, as it greatly simplifies web development.

url editing

[1]According to the HTTP Archive, 60% of the data transferred to fetch a web page is images composed of JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs.

What else can it do?

Imageflow can automatically crop away whitespace, apply sharpening, fix white balance, add watermarks, adjust contrast/saturation/brightness, make images transparent or opaque, rotate, flip, crop, resize, constrain, smart encode, and more.

All operations are designed to be fast enough for on-demand use.

Imageflow.NET Server and imageflow-server allow you to add a query string command to the end of image URLs, which allows for remarkable sophisticated processing.

See the difference

Unlike most image processing tools, Imageflow processing images in linear light. This means that image highlights are not destroyed when the image is down-scaled. Compare Imageflow (left) with other tools (right).

imageflow other tools


Imageflow is 100% Open Source Software. You can use it freely under the terms of the AGPLv3.

We also offer commercial licenses if you do not like the AGPLv3.

For your platform

Imageflow supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. The command-line tool, server, and libimageflow can be downloaded here. Click the top release, then click Assets to show the packages for each platform.

By language

All language bindings support Windows, macOS, and Linux.

.NET Core and .NET 5

Imageflow .NET Server supports S3 and Azure blob storage, offers fast memory/distributed/disk caching, and is our most flexible image server.

Imageflow .NET offers a fluent image API that can be used from any .NET Standard 2.0 language.

.NET Standard — Imageflow .NET

Node.js — imageflow-node

Golang — imageflow-go

Ruby — imageflow-ruby

Other languages

We suggest calling the imageflow_tool command-line program, or collaborating with us on bindings for your language (they’re quite easy to make).

Please reach out to us via Twitter @imageflow_io, email [email protected], or Github.