ImageResizer Support

18 month Platinum Tier avail. June 1st-June 27th


We expect a usable beta of libimageflow and imageflow-server in 2016, with a stable release the following year. Imageflow makes a cross-platform ImageResizer 5 possible. If you have backed Imageflow on Kickstarter, you can already access a limited command-line version of the tool.


ImageResizer is the best image server for ASP.NET. It can be dropped into existing apps and works alongside your CMS or existing platform to eliminate manual image tasks, enable fast and adaptive websites, and improve your sales by reducing page load time.

This is currently the only way to buy support and maintenance for ImageResizer.

By switching to Imageflow, you can expect to see significant improvements in image quality and load speed, and substantially smaller file sizes. Our current jpeg compression performance in Imageflow is much better than ImageResizer, but following the beta release, we hope to start work on some very cutting-edge techniques in the jpeg encoder in order to get additional filesize reductions.

Our support contract will facilitate this transition, while customizing its integration to your individual needs.

ImageResizer to Imageflow Transitional Platinum Support Contract

  • Unlimited business-hours support *
  • 1 free emergency support incident *
  • 2 year OEM license *
  • 2 year SaaS license *
  • 2 year Enterprise license *
  • 20 hours of transition assistance and consulting are included.

*Provided for both ImageResizer and Imageflow.

Platinum support contract shall begin on July 1, 2016 (or up to 3 months later at customer request) and shall not exceed 18 months without a renewal.

Platinum support contract available with a pledge of $8,900 USD or higher on Other licensing options (without support benefits) are available at a lower price.

Purchaser must create an account on prior to placing the order. Orders may only be placed via credit card or debit card. If we do not reach our Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by June 27th, your cards will not be charged and your orders will be cancelled. Purchasing support through Kickstarter grants you the same legal rights that direct purchasing does.

Terms shall be similar to ImageResizer’s Silver Tier.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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